Bees swarm backyard of Oakland Park home

2 beehives found at warehouse next to residence

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – A South Florida family is dealing with a swarm of problems after finding their home full of bees Wednesday afternoon.

Betty Hamilton said she has been dealing with thousands of bees around her property for years but the bees only now started finding their way into her home along Northwest 28th Street in Oakland Park.

Hamilton said her granddaughter called Fire Rescue for help after the swarm somehow made their way inside, flying around her two young children.

Hamilton showed Local 10 News several beehives and swarms that have made themselves at home on a warehouse wall that lines her backyard.

She said thousands of bees continually crawl in and out of the pipes and holes in the wall, and the swarms have grown so large the family cannot remove them without professional help.

The family said when Fire Rescue arrived, crews said they could only go around to the warehouse and alert the property owner about the problem, which appears to have taken over a large space within the wall.

Fortunately no one was stung but Hamilton said she is looking for help and must now call an exterminator.

There is no word yet what type of bees plague the yard.

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