Second arrest made at Taravella High School

15-year-old accused of setting T-shirt on fire, throwing it in garbage pail

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Coral Springs police have arrested a second student at Taravella High School for allegedly starting a fire on Monday.

He is charged with arson and criminal mischief.

According to the juvenile report, a 15-year-old student witnessed his friend having a physical altercation with another student. At some point during the fight, the suspect removed a Nike T-shirt from the backpack of the other student.

Police said the suspect then used a lighter to set the shirt on fire and put it in a school garbage pail, partially melting the pail and destroying the shirt.

Police said the suspect's friend involved in the fight confirmed the allegations against the teen, as well as numerous other students who said they heard about the incident. Police said the teen also confessed to setting the shirt on fire, and said he did so because he and his friends don't like the other student involved in the fight.

Taravella High School principal Shawn Cerra told officers that the garbage pail that sustained damage costs $600. He said the school wishes to pursue criminal charges against the suspect.

Alexander Montilla, 17, was also arrested this week for allegedly starting a fire at the school on Tuesday.

Police said Montilla poured nail polish remover on the ground of a locker room and lit the liquid on fire, which resulted in 3-foot high flames.

He is now facing felony charges and is expected to be expelled. It's unclear whether the school will seek to expel the 15-year-old student as well.

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