Jurors see surveillance video in Munawar Toha trial

Munawar Toha accused of beating wife to death, dumping body into lake

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Jurors saw surveillance video of murder suspect Munawar Toha disposing of what prosecutors claim was his wife's body during the second day of his trial Thursday.

The video is a bit grainy, but it is the prosecution's key piece of evidence they believe will put Toha behind bars for the rest of his life.

Toha is facing life in prison for the murder of his wife, Surya, in April 2010. The couple had been married 10 years and had two children together.

On Thursday morning, prosecutors methodically laid the groundwork to show the murder was premeditated, and brought out the body bags in which Surya Toha was found in. Several pictures were also shown to the jury, primarily from the blood-spattered kitchen. That's where experts testified Surya Toha was likely attacked.

Police said Surya Toha was found beaten with a plastic bag placed over her head.

Jurors are expected to view surveillance video of Toha pushing his family car into a lake with his wife's body inside. The video was captured from a camera mounted on the back of a warehouse across the street from the lake, where Toha worked.

Prosecutors claim there is no doubt that Toha committed the murder, but a motive is still not clear. However, an insurance agent testified that she sold the couple a policy that would pay Toha $150,000 in the event of his wife's death. That policy was sold in November 2008, along with a policy that would have paid the wife $100,000 if Toha should die.

Prosecutors said Surya Toha withdrew more than $5,000 from her personal bank account the day before she vanished.

If convicted, Toha faces life in prison.

He is currently serving a 30-year sentence for conspiring to kill four witnesses who are expected to testify against him in his murder trial.

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