IRS expands investigation into city of North Miami

Feds send 15-page letter requesting more internal documents

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – The Internal Revenue Service is expanding its investigation into the city of North Miami, sending a 15-page letter requesting more internal documents.

These documents includes expenses related to overseas travel, cash advances and hotel reservations, to name a few.

Councilman Scott Gavin says the most disturbing requests involve documents for thousands of dollars that name former police chief Marc Elias, councilwoman Marie Steril, and deputy city manager Lumane Claude.

"Under city policies, receipts are supposed to be given within five days of said advances, and receipts weren't turned in until 16 months afterward when I started screaming about it all," said Gavin.

Just last month, the IRS launched its investigation with a 20-page request regarding 20 employees and eight outside venders. The IRS asked for employee tax forms, fringe benefits and retirement plans. The IRS also asked for the city's 2012 federal tax returns.

North Miami has been plagued with scandal for the past five years between former Mayor Andre Pierre allegedly giving out fake police badges, to former Mayor Lucie Tandreau under investigation for mortgage fraud.

The city is currently facing a run-off race to elect a new mayor.

Gavin told Local 10 News that the city of North Miami could face potential fines by the IRS.

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