Structures pop up during I-95 Express lane expansion construction

'Toll-hub' buildings house electronic equipment, generators to run gantries

MIAMI – The northbound Interstate 95 Express lane expansion is in full swing and there are some curious structures that have popped up in the process.

As drivers rumble along I-95 from Miami-Dade to Broward counties -- keeping their eyes on the road, of course -- it's hard to miss the I-95 Express lane extension project construction.

But how about the handful of light beige, nondescript dwelling-like structures sprouting just off the break-down lane, such as one of the structures under construction off I-95 north, just south of the Ives Dairy Road exit?

"This is what we call the toll-hub building," said project spokeswoman Tish Burgher. "All the electronic equipment, the electricity, generators and everything that runs the gantries is housed here."

There are devices that will be attached to a toll gantry will capture a SunPass with the information traveling along wires into the building.

Intelligent Transportation System is a fancy way of describing the components that make the digital displays you travel under work. Local 10 spotted another hub near Sheridan Street off I-95 south headed toward Miami.

Through spring of next year, crews will be extending existing Express lanes north from the Golden Glades interchange in Miami-Dade to Broward Boulevard in Broward County.

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