Man steals surveillance cameras, copper from 3 Miami schools

Police: $10,000 worth of surveillance cameras stolen

MIAMI – Police are searching for one man believed to responsible for stealing surveillance cameras and copper wiring from three schools in Miami.

Lt. Raul Correa with Miami-Dade Public Schools police told Local 10 News that at least eight cameras worth an estimated $10,000 were stolen from iTech at Thomas A. Edison Educational Center, Jose De Diego Middle School and Edison Park Elementary.

Correa said the thief was recorded hitting those schools multiple times between Sept. 2013-Sept 2014. The videos show him stealing surveillance cameras and some of the attached copper wiring.

"It's a significant target area at the schools, obviously endangering the surveillance capabilities that we have and just becoming a nuisance to the school community," said Correa.

The thief is described as a 35 to 45-year-old man with a thin build, mustache and a scar over his left eyebrow.

Police believe the culprit's motive is just to steal the pricey cameras to resell them, and said the copper gets ripped out during the theft since it is wired into the building.

In some cases, thieves have targeted copper to also resell.

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