Police find parents after child left at Miami day care

Father: Child's aunt accidentally dropped 2-year-old boy off at wrong day care

MIAMI – Police said they have located the parents of a young boy who was dropped off at a Miami day care on Friday.

According to officers, Mateo Nicholas was brought to Lincoln Marti Daycare in Little Havana by an unknown Hispanic woman who was accompanied by two young children.

Employees at the day care did not realize the boy did not attend the day care until after the woman had already left.

The child was then placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families as police attempted to locate the boy's parents.

The boy's father told Local 10 News that his sister-in-law accidentally dropped his son off at the wrong day care while he and his wife were visiting their sick child at a nearby hospital.

He said he is outraged at the day care for not noticing that his son did not attend their school until after the boy's aunt had left. He said he found out about the mix-up after friends called him to say they saw his son on the news.

Mateo Nicholas and his parents have since been reunited. DCF officials are currently questioning the parents.

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