Father, grandmother face charges after baby nearly drowns in Miramar canal

Police: Defendants knew baby's mother had tried to kill son before

Conlan Armour (left) and Grace Brooks are facing child neglect charges.
Conlan Armour (left) and Grace Brooks are facing child neglect charges.

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The father and grandmother of a 3-month-old boy who nearly drowned at the hands of his mother are now facing charges in the case.

Conlan Armour, 30, and Grace Brooks, 56, both face charges of child neglect for failing to protect the child, according to the arrest report.

The baby's mother, Inakesha Armour, was arrested in July on two counts of attempted murder after police said she admitted to trying to drown her son in a canal behind her home in Miramar.

Miramar police said a woman was driving through the Riviera Isles neighborhood July 1 when she saw the infant lying in the grass and Armour standing nearby, so she stopped to check on them.

According to the police report, the woman claimed Armour told her to call her husband because she had just killed her baby. The woman, who is a nurse, began CPR until police and paramedics arrived.

Police said Armour admitted to attempting to kill her baby by submerging him in the canal for several minutes. In an interview with detectives, Armour said once she saw that his face had turned blue, she jumped into the water to remove him.

Armour also admitted to police about attempting to kill her child once before by giving him adult cough syrup and smothering him with a pillow, but her mother intervened that time, the report said.

Police said Armour told detectives she has been diagnosed with postpartum depression and has thought about killing her baby daily.


According the arrest reports for Brooks and Conlan Armour, both admitted to knowing that Inakesha Armour had tried to kill the baby before.  

The report said the father told detectives that he should have brought the child to his aunt's home so he would not be harmed, but decided to allow the baby to remain in his wife's care. The report said Brooks told detectives that the baby would sleep with her daily and she didn't notify police about the past attempts to kill the child by her daughter because she thought the family could handle it.

Police said the child is still recovering from the near drowning and still cannot breathe on his own.

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