Fort Lauderdale firefighters rescue ducklings

Fire Rescue crew noticed adult duck in distress during training exercise


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – One Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue unit proved beyond a doubt that they're out there to protect all life; human or animal.

During a training exercise on October 26, a crew member of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Haz Mat 88 noticed an adult duck that appeared to be in distress around a drain pipe.

When the crew investigated the 4-inch pipe, they were able to hear chirping sounds coming from inside.

Realizing that normal methods of rescue were not going to work, the team decided on an unusual solution to gather the stuck ducklings.

After retrieving a "shop vacuum," the unit began to suck the ducklings out of the drain.

In all, nine healthy ducklings were rescued from the drain and were greeted by a very happy mother duck.