Incomplete midterm election ballot found in Broward voting precinct

Plantation Acres Improvement District race left off ballot


PLANTATION, Fla. – A minor ballot issue in Broward County is the first speed bump in what has been a relatively smooth start to Election Day in South Florida.

The Plantation Acres Improvement District race was left off the ballot at at least one polling place in Broward County. Four candidates are running for seats with voters allowed to pick three names.

Jennifer Nieset, a member of the Plantation Democratic Club, was one of the candidates excluded.

"It makes me feel very disappointed, because we are just like any other community within Broward County ... I'm very concerned," Nieset said.

In all, 700 voters could be affected by the miscue, although the Broward County Elections office is unable to confirm whether any early voting results will be also be affected.

The elections office said new ballots with the missing race were being rushed to the polling location.

The Plantation Acres Improvement District lies within the city of Plantation and covers approximately 2050 acres.

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