Broward Public Schools plan how to disperse bond money

Bond Oversight Committee to oversee expenses


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County Public School District officials are gearing up their plan to spend $800 million in bond money approved by voters in Tuesday's election.

"Every school wins based on yesterday's outcome," said Superintendent Robert Runcie at a news conference Wednesday morning.

One of the first things officials will do is establish a Bond Oversight Committee, an independent panel that will make sure the taxpayer money is spent the district intends.

"The money from the bond will fix leaky roofs, replace old air conditioning systems, make school safer with security cameras and limited entry points and provide better technology by purchasing more computer and replacing old ones," Runcie said.

Of the 238 schools in the district, 212 will have their roofs, windows and walls repaired or replaced. 217 schools will have work done on their air conditioning systems.

There will also be 287 safety projects done district wide to install fire alarms and security systems and limit the points of entry on campuses. Every school will also get new or additional computers and $100,000 for the capital improvement project of their choice.

Runcie said the work will begin next summer.

"An exact date for when a bid project will start in 2015 -- I don't have that right now. We have approximate dates of when they will start, that will be a function of when we issue the bid package, get responses back and schedule the work," Runcie said.

The plan for each school can be found on the district's website. Every expenditure is detailed.

Board chairwoman Patricia Good says the newly elected school board is committed to proving the days of corruption and mismanagement in the district are over.

"We changed policies and procedures to tackle those past problems to ensure that they never reoccur ,and I feel positive about this effort. I don't take lightly what voters just approved in this county," Good said.

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