Family of 21-year-old Tased to death by police files lawsuit

Lawsuit could change way police departments operate on daily basis

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – It was a violent encounter between two strangers in the same house.

Police claimed George Salgado, 21, was belligerent and they were left with no choice but to deploy their Taser.

According to a 2012 police report officers cycled their Tasers 19 times. They kicked and punched him too. The following morning he died at a local hospital.

The cause of death: "Excited Delirium Syndrome associated with consumption of a currently unknown substance," the medical examiner said. 

University of Miami professor of neurology Dr. Deborah Mash said the syndrome is characteristic with drastic changes.  She is listed as a witness for the police department.

"I do not believe that Tasering a naked, unarmed, young man, who clearly needed medical attention that many times is objectively reasonable," Salgado's family attorney Keith Pierro said.

Federal civil rights lawsuit alleges that the overuse of the Tasers caused the metabolic acid dose.

"If you stay quiet then this sort of behavior continues on," Salgado's father, Jorge Salgado, said.