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Police arrest 13 during raid at Wonderland strip club in West Little River area

Miami police and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives work together to unravel criminal activity at popular Miami strip club

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MIAMI – Behind the velvet-curtained private rooms at Wonderland Gentlemen's Club, sex was on the table, police said.

The club served shrimp tempura with soy sake sauce, chimichurri skirt steak with truffle mashed potatoes and Flan de Caramelo. But the under the table menu included everything from marijuana to molly and cocaine.

"We provide our clientele with a beautiful, elegant and energetic setting, sprinkled with the most gorgeous girls coming from all over the world," a Clubzone.com advertisement said about Wonderland. "Come relax and have a drink."

With the club's business license in question, it is likely bartenders won't be serving any alcohol this weekend. After spending three months at the club, police reported making 13 arrests Friday morning. It was the culmination of an investigation on "a myriad of illegal activities" at the popular adult entertainment venue, police said.

Wonderland's attorney Diana Rodriguez said the owners do not condone illegal activities in the club. Miami Police Department Commander Lazaro Ferro said the raid should not  have come as a surprise, because police had warned the club owners.

"We sent our officers in," Ferro said. "They engaged in dialogue and they were offered sexual acts for money."

Wonderland, 7778 Biscayne Blvd., is open until 6 a.m., every day of the week. The club's Twitter account was advertising Thursday Night Football and dinner for the Bengals vs. Browns game. Police learned the club was staying open after 6 a.m., and continued to serve alcohol to patrons even when it was not allowed to, police said.

Rachel Ariel Oshinsky, 26, was a bartender at the club. She was charged with two counts of alcoholic beverages selling hours violations. Steven Oshinsky said he is her father. He was one of many relatives who were worried that their loved ones had been arrested.

"I was there myself to make sure that she was a bartender," Oshinsky said. "The club is a clean place and it looks really nice, but you never know with these places ... we didn't want her working there. I guess this is a lesson for her."

Also arrested were two club managers and several dancers.  Rachel Palomino, 22, Danary Subiratz Perez, 26, and Arletys Garcia Zulueta, 25, were arrested for prostitution.

Some of the arrests according to authorities:

  1. Ivan James Gonzalez
  2. Ryan Andrew Redding (Not in Miami-Dade Corrections)
  3. Rachel Oshinsky
  4. Rachel Palomino
  5. Daniary Subirats Perez
  6. Brent Jeffrey Polzin
  7. Emia Lorraine Porter
  8. Marlon Rene Rodriguez
  9. Mauricio Schor
  10. Arletys Garcia Zulueta (Not in Miami-Dade Corrections)

Police dogs were searching the property for illegal substances, a witness said. The investigation was part of a task force involving Miami police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Police code enforcement, fire department, finance department and zoning department staff were also in the building.The business was cited for having an improper license and tax receipts on their ATM machines, a faulty Exit sign and damaged fire extinguisher.

Authorities were moving to shut Wonderland down. The owners of the property are Gayete Theaters, a Leory Griffith company based out of Club Madonna, 1527 Washington Ave., in Miami Beach.

Griffith, 82, is a survivor. His clubs have been closed for failure to pay taxes in the 60s and he was arrested for showing obscene films in the 70s. For decades, his theater on Biscayne Boulevard has changed concepts and tenants.

As the operator of Pussycat II, a purveyor of sexually explicit films, he sued the city after their license was revoked in the 80s and decades later he sued the Department of Transportation for impairment of access during a Biscayne Boulevard expansion project.

Over the years, authorities have kept their eye on the 15,000 square feet property. Griffith is a landlord now and this isn't his fight. 

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