Man stopped for 'walking with hands in his pockets'

Deputy questioned man in Pontiac, Michigan


PONTIAC, Mich. – A video showing a man being stopped by a deputy in Pontiac, Michigan for "walking with his hands in his pockets" is getting a lot of backlash.

The man was stopped and questioned after a "nervous" passerby called 911 to report that he was "walking with his hands in his pockets."

"You were walking by, you were making people nervous," the deputy says in the video, which was uploaded on Facebook. "They said you had your hands in your pockets."

"Wow, walking by, having your hands in your pockets makes people nervous to call the police, when it's snowing outside?" the man responds. "There's 10,000 people in Pontiac right now with their hands in their pockets, so how many—"

"You're right," the deputy replies. "But we do have a lot of robberies, so just checking on you. You're fine, you're good."

The man was eventually allowed to leave without incident.

We should note, according to the Pontiac Tribune, the man being questioned is African-American.


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