Dolphins rooting guide: Week 14

This is biggest game of the year for Dolphins


MIAMI – This is the biggest game of the year for the Dolphins.

Sure, you could say that every week now that the Fins are in a massive battle for a playoff spot, but this showdown with the Ravens is pretty much a playoff elimination game with the loser falling to 7 and 6 and behind a massive pack of teams fighting for the final spot.

So who else can help the Dolphins this week?

Cowboys at Bears: An all-NFC matchup doesn't do much, but pull for CHICAGO in case the Fins end up tied in the wild card race and need a boat in the strength of victory and/or strength of schedule tiebreaker (since Miami beat Chicago).

Jets at Vikings: Since the Jets are out of the playoff run, pull for NEW YORK since they will eventually count twice as much in the Fins strength of schedule/victory category (since they play the Jets twice).

Steelers at Bengals: With the Steelers loss to the Saints last weekend, the wild card is now their most likely hope for the playoffs. Pull for CINCINNATI to knock them down again.

Rams at Redskins: Any tiebreaker scenarios only affect competitors so it's too tough to call. Root for a TIE just for the fun of it.

Giants-Titans: A Titans win is more likely to boost a potential competitors schedule, so pull for NEW YORK and hope Odell Beckham does something amazing again.

Panthers at Saints: See "Rams-Redskins."

Colts vs. Browns: Colts are pushing for the AFC North crown, while the Browns are part of the wild card pack. Root for INDIANAPOLIS.

Bucs vs. Lions: Dolphins played the Lions, didn't play the Bucs. Pull for DETROIT.

Texans vs. Jaguars: Jags are out of it, Texans are not. Plus the Fins beat the Jags. Pull for JACKSONVILLE.

Bills vs. Broncos: While the Bills will eventually help the Fins in a tiebreaker scenario with other teams, they're still too close to pull for them against a division leader. Root for DENVER.

Chiefs vs. Cardinals: One of the more important games of the week in the rooting guide. The Fins need an ARIZONA win to knock the Chiefs back considering Kansas City would own the H2H tiebreaker over Miami.

Seahawks vs. Eagles: Another rather unimportant game in the Fins' playoff chase, but one of the more fun games of the week. Enjoy!

49ers vs. Raiders: While a Raiders win would help the Fins strength of victory, it would help the Chiefs and Chargers twice as much since they play them twice (Fins own H2H over one, but not the other). Side slightly with SAN FRANCISCO.

Patriots vs. Chargers: So, how good do you think the Dolphins are? Is there a chance they run the table and beat the Patriots at their place to overtake them for the division? If New England loses this, that's a possibility. Plus, the Fins have the H2H in a 2-team tiebreaker with SAN DIEGO. Root for them to pull the upset and see if the Fins can make a run.

Falcons vs. Packers: The Fins played GREEN BAY, not Atlanta. Go with the home team.

And, of course, root for MIAMI to win their playoff eliminator over Baltimore.