Graffiti art appears at South Beach lounge

Art looks similar to work of Zeem Rock


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Surveillance video from South Beach's Purdy Lounge reportedly captured an artist hiding in a bathroom until closing time before unleashing patterns onto its walls with spray paint.

"My office manager came in today and discovered it," said general manager Aron Epstein.

Epstein said a cleaner at the lounge discovered the artist in the early morning hours, but was told he was commissioned to make the art.

"We didn't commission anyone," Epstein said.

Soon afterwards, the artist left in a cloak of secrecy.

The graffiti art looks strikingly similar to the work of Zeem Rock, a street artist featured on "This Week in South Florida" in October.

Epstein said there is speculation that Zeem was behind the work at Purdy Lounge as well. Zeem responded by email to Local 10 with ":)" on Thursday.

"It's kind of in the spirit of Basel," Epstein said. "On one hand, it's a breach of security, on the other hand it goes with the spirit of Purdy Lounge."

Epstein said the lounge is considering leaving the spray paint on the walls through the duration of Art Basel.

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