Protests continue this weekend in South Fla.

Organizers at Fort Lauderdale event wish to end police brutality

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – More protests continued this weekend across the United States, including South Florida, after the grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York exonerated police officers.

Organizers at an event Saturday in Fort Lauderdale said they want to end police brutality and want equal protection under the law.

Protesters moved down a street toward Las Olas Boulevard after crowding an intersection at Broward Boulevard and Southeast Third Avenue. A crowd also laid down on the streets, blocking traffic, and staged a "die-in."

Hundreds of demonstrators filled into the street Friday evening on Interstate 195 in Midtown Miami, stopping traffic. A lack of indictments against police in the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown sparked outrage across America. Protesters said they won't back down until something changes.

"There are people like Mike Brown and Eric Garner right here in our neighborhood, but nobody talks about it," said Pastor Troy Villings. "Nobody has a voice."

Police were following protesters on foot and in patrol vehicles. Traffic was moving smoothly again Saturday night.

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