Cat falls through ceiling of South Fla. company

Security cameras catch cat falling through the roof, walking away

HIALEAH, Fla. – A South Florida business thought they may have been victimized by a true cat burglar earlier this month.

In reality, it wasn't a burglar at all; but it definitely was a cat.

When workers at the Global Engineering Security offices in Hialeah heard a loud crash on the afternoon of Dec. 2, they were perplexed by a gaping hole in the ceiling.

The mystery quickly deepened when nothing was misplaced other than the roof tiles.

But what the employees found while viewing the surveillance tapes made them purr with joy.

What one tape showed was a particularly frisky feline crashing through the ceiling, hitting the floor and then walking away like nothing happened.

The cool cat is apparently one of many cared for by the business. Workers believe the cat was chasing lizards in the overhead area and attempted to jump between ceiling tiles when it all came crashing down.

The cat is perfectly fine, although, it now has only eight lives remaining and is now living at home with one of the office employees.

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