Heat Beat: Let's make a deal?

Should the Heat be interested in any of the Nets offers?


MIAMI – Should the Heat pursue any of the three players reportedly made available by the Brooklyn Nets on the trade market?  It's a good question given the need in some areas for the Heat, but financial issues, and quite frankly, uncertainty over the health and production of those available players makes it unlikely.

Deron Williams would seem like a great fit at point guard, but he's owed a lot of money and has a player option past the 2016 season that is so vital to the Heat's plans.

Joe Johnson is still a productive player, but where would he fit on this team?  He's too expensive to just be insurance for Dwyane Wade at shooting guard, and I don't see how it would be worth to try and make them co-exist.

Then there's the big man Brook Lopez.  He would seem to be an ideal fit for a Heat team that is desperate for size, but the problem is Lopez can't stay healthy.  He missed a large portion of last season and he's already been out this season with back troubles.  Simply put, I don't see how he'd be worth a deal.

And finally, and this might be the most important factor of them all, I don't see what assets the Heat could give up.  A player like Norris Cole or young guys like James Ennis and Shabazz Napier are solid pieces, but a team like Brooklyn would want more, plus future 1st round draft picks.  Those are just things Miami doesn't have.

For now, it's best for the Heat to just focus on what they have and try to get this team turned around.  Getting healthy would help.  Let's not forget, the focus is to keep in good position to compete the next couple of years and then pounce hard at big time free agents in the summer of 2016.

I don't doubt Pat Riley would be open to making the right deal when certain players become available before then, but I'm not sure the structure and players are right for this to be that time.