Security guard shot to death outside Little Haiti restaurant

Francois Presley found dead in car at Chez Le Bebe

MIAMI – The family of a security guard who was shot and killed outside a Little Haiti restaurant is asking for the public's help finding the killer.

Francois Presley, 50, was found shot to death in his car late Monday night outside Chez Le Bebe on Northeast 54th Street.

Miami police said Presley, who had worked as a security guard at the restaurant for the past year, was found sitting in his car in his full uniform.

His wife spoke to Local 10 News during a news conference Wednesday.

"It will bring peace to me just to know why the person did it," Anceline Dancilor said. "What did he do to you? What did he do to you that was so bad? I mean, all he was doing (was) just working to make a living. Why did you do that?"

Police have no suspects or motive for the shooting but believe Presley was targeted.

"This man was doing nothing but working, sitting in his car, when he was ambushed and cold-bloodily murdered," Detective Confessor Gonzalez said.

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