Heat Beat: When it rains, it pours

McRoberts injury latest to plague Heat in 2014-15


MIAMI – The Heat knew they'd have some bumps in the road in the post-LeBron era. Don't look now, but Miami has hit a speed bump that must look like the Rocky Mountains. Injuries have reached the point where you almost have to laugh at the tough breaks they've received.

The latest blow is the news that Josh McRoberts needs knee surgery and could miss the remainder of the season. The Heat envisioned McRoberts as a key piece to this year's rotation. That vision never became a reality. He took all of training camp to recover from toe surgery, needed a few weeks into the season to start getting comfortable and then suffered this knee injury. His loss can't be overstated. It's a huge blow to what Miami wanted to do this season.

But, that's not the only bad news.

The one constant this season has been Chris Bosh. He's having another All-Star season, but this time as the focal point of the team. Now, he's out indefinitely.

Bosh's strained calf is a legitimate concern. While the Heat won't put a time table on it, it's pretty clear this isn't a minor issue. Miami doesn't want to rush Bosh back and lose him for a large portion of the season, so for now, he's out. It could be two or three games. It could be more than 10. At this point, no one really knows.

You couple that with the normal wear and tear that Wade's body takes, and injuries have derailed any chance to have the new core unit on the floor this season.

Even Luol Deng has missed time with a minor hand issue.

Add it all up and the line-up Pat Riley and Erik Spoesltra had hoped for this season played a whopping 34 minutes together. And you wonder why the Heat can't find any continuity?

I know what some fans are thinking. Trust me, I hear it. Tank the season. There's no hope. This is a lottery team. I get it. It's easy to think that way.

But, you must understand that's not the way Riley will think.

Could the Heat end up being a lottery team? Sure. If Bosh misses significant time and Wade has any setbacks, Miami is in trouble.

The Heat can't think like that. Riley will look at any available options to improve the team. If available, you know Riley will do what he can without handcuffing the team for the vital 2016 offseason. He won't have a team built around Wade and Bosh that tanks anything.

A healthy tandem of Wade and Bosh is still a playoff team in a very weak Eastern Conference. The key is getting everyone back to health.

Miami will need to develop young players like Shabazz Napier, James Ennis, Justin Hamilton and even Hassan Whiteside. This is the time to find out what they have for the future in those young players.

With veterans like Mario Chalmers, Shawne Williams, Chris Anderson and Udonis Haslem, the Heat can still be a very competitive team.

My message to Heat fans is this; I know this feels like rock bottom. It's a tough position to be in, but there's a lot of basketball left to play.

Things will get better. Unless of course someone else gets hurt. In that case, keep your fingers crossed.