Alan Dershowitz: 'Sex slave' accuser is serial liar, prostitute

Famed attorney slams woman who claims he had underaged sex with her

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Well-known attorney and Miami Beach resident Alan Dershowitz emphatically denied allegations made in newly-filed court papers that he had sex six times with an underage girl who at the time was serving as a "sex slave" for wealthy financier -- and convicted sex offender -- Jeffrey Epstein.

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"This is a woman who is a serial liar," Dershowitz told Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman. "She's lied, lied, lied, lied."

"But she wasn't lying about being sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein," said Norman.

"That is a different issue," said Dershowitz. "That is between her and Jeffrey Epstein."

The woman is Virginia Roberts, one of as many as 40 women who allege that Epstein recruited them while they were minors into a sex ring based at Epstein's Palm Beach mansion.

Roberts alleges in a 14-page affidavit -- which included newly-released photos she said were taken by Epstein when she was 15 -- that Epstein groomed her as "sex slave" to gratify not only him but his powerful friends.

She wrote that she was introduced to Epstein at the mansion by heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late British publisher Robert Maxwell, on the pretext that she would be paid to give him a "massage," which she wrote was Epstein's "code word for sexual encounters."

"From the first time I was taken to Epstein's mansion that day, his motivations and actions were sexual, as were Maxwell's," Roberts writes in the affidavit. "My father was not allowed inside. I was brought up some stairs. There was a naked guy, Epstein, on the table in the room. Epstein and Maxwell forced me into sexual activity with Epstein ... I was paid $200."

She wrote that she then began working for Epstein, and traveling around the country and world with him.

"Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trained me to do what they wanted, including sexual activities and the use of sexual toys," she wrote. "The training was in New York and Florida at Epstein's mansions. It was basically every day and was like going to school ... I was trained to be 'Everything a man wanted me to be.' It wasn't just sexual training -- they wanted me to be able to cater to all the needs of the men they were going to send to me."

In the affidavit, she alleges that Dershowitz was one of those men and that she had sex with him six times beginning when she was 16 at Epstein's residences, as well as on his jet and private island. She also added details about her allegations that Epstein -- who served 13 months in jail after being convicted of soliciting a minor for sex in 2008 -- ordered her to have sex on three occasions with Prince Andrew in London at the age of 17, paying her $15,000 after the first instance.

Read the entire 14-page affidavit here.

Dershowitz said Roberts was a prostitute and questioned whether she is now, at the age of 31, a fit mother for her three children.

"She's now an admitted prostitute," said Dershowitz. "I can tell you she is still a prostitute: she is selling these false stories now for money about me. That is a form of prostitution."

"Do you have any concern calling her a prostitute when she was victimized at such an early age by a wealthy man?" Norman asked.

"She was not victimized ... she made her own decisions in life," said Dershowitz.

"But at the age of 15 some would say ... she was taken advantage of," said Norman.

"I'm talking about the age of 19," said Dershowitz.

"But it started when she was 15," said Norman.

"I am not involved in that," he said. "I have no knowledge of that. That's between her, and the federal government and the people who victimized her. All I know is she has victimized me. At the age of 31 she has made up false allegations against me. She is a mother of three children, and she is now living a lie to her three children and the question is whether she is an adequate mother of her three children going around selling her false stories of prostitution."

Dershowitz is an admitted long-time friend of Epstein's who frequented his homes at the time Roberts and other young girls were in Epstein's employ. But he insisted he never saw an underage girl in Epstein's company. A former Epstein employee, the late Alfredo Rodriguez, testified under oath that Dershowitz was at the Palm Beach mansion at the same time underage girls were at the home.

"That's not true," said Dershowitz. "I was never in Jeffrey Epstein's house or any of the houses in the presence of any young woman. Now were there other young women in other parts of the house giving massages when I wasn't around? I have no idea of that. I can only say I never saw a young underage woman. If I had I would have left the house and never come back, period."

He told Norman that he had one massage at Epstein's home and it was with an adult woman.

"I kept my underwear on during the massage," he said. "I don't like massages particularly."

One of the more salacious allegations made by Roberts is that Dershowitz "was so comfortable with the sex that was going on that he would even come and chat with Epstein while I was giving oral sex to Epstein." Dershowitz called that allegation absurd.

"Alan Dershowitz was standing there and talking about what? The weather, the stock market? It's the most preposterous thing imaginable," said Dershowitz.

Dershowitz, who has issued a denial to Roberts' basic claims in a sworn affidavit of his own, said he would willingly be deposed on the matter. Roberts' attorneys have claimed that Dershowitz has refused to submit to deposition.

When questioned about it, Dershowitz said he would be deposed in the case, but only after Roberts and her two lawyers are deposed. The lawyers have sued Dershowitz for defamation after he alleged they should be disbarred for initially putting Roberts' allegations in court papers.

"I am happy today to express my willingness to be deposed after the three of them are deposed," he said. "That's the order it should occur because they are the accusers. I am the one who is defending myself against their accusations."

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