Homestead man shot puppy in head, police say

Scott Hargraves arrested on animal cruelty charges

MIAMI – A Homestead man was arrested after police say he shot a 10-month-old puppy because he was upset over having too many animals in his home.

Scott Hargraves, 51, was taken into custody Monday morning after police were called to the residence in response to reports that shots were fired.

Upon arriving at the home, one officer noticed Hargraves attempting to leave the home.

When asked what had happened, Hargraves told the officer that he had a long week and was tired of so many animals living in his home; so he took the 10-month-old Labrador puppy into the backyard and shot it in the head.

Police found the dead dog in the back of Hargraves' truck after he was stopped.

A witness told the officers that Hargraves had shot the dog for no reason and was attempting to leave with it before police arrived.

Hargraves was arrested on animal cruelty with intent to injure or kill charges.

When he was informed about the charges against him, Hargraves replied, "So it's aggravated cruelty to shoot a dog?"

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