South Florida family arrested after grow site discovered in home

Jackson Memorial Hospital nurse 1 of 5 family members arrested

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A South Florida family has been arrested after police discovered a marijuana grow room inside the family's home, police said.

Orin Tong, 45; Wanda Hernandez-Tong, 43; Judah Hernandez, 24; Mariah Tong, 23; and Imani Tong, 22, have all been arrested on various charges, including possession of MDMA, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of a place to manufacture a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence, according to police.

Wanda Hernandez-Tong is a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Local 10 News has learned.

Orin Tong was driving a Toyota Camry at Northwest 47th Street and Second Avenue when he was stopped during a narcotics investigation conducted by police.

Police said two MDMA pills were found on Orin Tong during a search, which he admitted were his and he got them from his daughter.

A search warrant was obtained for Orin Tong's house and a search revealed more MDMA pills, cocaine and marijuana were in his bedroom, according to the police report. A firearm was also found in the bedroom.

The room across from Orin Tong's bedroom was a marijuana grow room, police said.

Orin Tong told police that the room was his alone. He admitted to marijuana being sold from the house by his children, according to the police report.

Orin Tong explained to police the cocaine and MDMA pills are for his personal use and part of his religion, police said.

Jackson Memorial Hospital issued the following statement after Wanda Hernandez-Tong's arrest.

"Jackson policy states that employees have three days to notify their supervisor of an arrest. We then review the circumstances of any arrest and take appropriate action based on the level of the charges. We will suspend an employee immediately if it is a felony charge, pending the outcome of the case."

Orin Tong (45), Wanda Hernandez-Tong (43), Judah Hernandez (24), Mariah Tong (23) and Imani Tong (22).
Orin Tong (45), Wanda Hernandez-Tong (43), Judah Hernandez (24), Mariah Tong (23) and Imani Tong (22).

--Orin Tong, Wanda Hernandez-Tong, Judah Hernandez, Mariah Tong, Imani Tong

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