South Florida daredevil records, shares death-defying stunts

'DareDevilMagic' shares moments on social media, speaks with Local 10 News


MIAMI – In the still of the night, a masked man takes to the skies, climbing dangerously high above Miami, stopping to enjoy the view of the city below.

But there are no special effects, no CGI backdrops and no professional stuntman -- only a young man with a sense of adventure.

The mystery man behind such death-defying stunts insisted that he stay anonymous. He agreed to meet Wednesday with Local 10 News as long as we didn't show his face.

He goes by the name DareDevilMagic, and it's easy to see why. He goes where few others dare to -- abandoned spots like the Hurricane roller coaster in Dania Beach.

"Had I not been wearing my gloves, I would have gotten splinters, but that was amazing, getting on the end of the coaster, seeing the cars pass by. It was pretty scenic," he said. "Most people have only gone down that coaster in the cart. I gave them a different point of view there."

Just a couple of days ago, at the site of the new Brickell City Center, DareDevilMagic climbed to the top of the site, at times hanging 50 stories up like a child on the monkey bars.

"I don't get scared anymore," he said. "The reaction you feel when you watch -- that's what I want, that vertigo heart-racing feeling. That's what I want people to get."

He posts pictures and videos of his adventures on YouTube and Instagram. He calls himself an urban explorer and said he takes his GoPro camera with him to bring viewers along for the ride.

"I like to go in and document what's inside for people who don't want to take the risk of going in or are too afraid to go in," he said.

As for his motives, he said none of them are sinister. He said what drives him is the thrill of curiosity.

"I want people to know I'm not in it to hurt myself or anyone else. I don't steal, vandalize or do graffiti," he said. "Some of us are just curious, and we want to see what's inside and document it and show the world."

You can follow DareDevilMagic on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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