How to protect your plants from cold weather

Local 10 News meteorologists want you to protect plants, animals

MIAMI – Local 10 News meteorologist Julie Durda said Thursday temperatures in Miami are expected to be the coldest since December 2010.

She is advising that residents protect their animals and plants from the cold weather.

Frosts and freezes can damage low-growing landscape and vegetable plants, a University of Florida expert said. Some tropical plants may get mild damage in the lower 40's.

Miami-Dade County's urban horticultural agent Adrian Hunsberger said sensitive plants should be covered in fabric sheets for protection, and using plastic should be avoided.

 Cold Weather Tips:

  • One to two days before a frost or freeze, water cold-sensitive plants.


  • The day of the cold temperatures (low 40's and 30's), bring potted plants indoors or wrap with fabric sheets.


  • If a frost or freeze is expected in the immediate area, cover vegetable beds with fabric bed sheets with the edges tucked into the soil.


Cool Tools:

The University of Florida/Miami-Dade County Extension office has fact sheets on preventing cold damage as well as how to care for injured plants.

The University of Florida has a state-wide weather station system (FAWN) which you can monitor to see how quickly temperatures are changing as well as other useful information.

For more information, visit the University of Florida/Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension website.

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