Teacher of year fired over dirty diaper

Report: Staffer called Department of Family Services

(iStock / Liliboas)

ST. LOUIS – A teacher of the year award winner in St. Louis, Missouri, is being fired over a dirty diaper, Fox News reports, to the chagrin of parents of children in her classroom.

According to the Fox News report, popular teacher Kelly Hahn told parents she was being fired on charges of child neglect and endangerment after a 3-year-old student showed up to class in a dirty pull-up diaper. Instead of removing the diaper immediately, Hahn reportedly called the student's parent. Another staffer called the Department of Family Services.

According to St. Louis' Fox2News, the DFS did not find indication of neglect, but the school district's superintendent said the school system has a separate set of standards.

Hahn had just accepted teacher of the year honors two weeks prior. Parents told news station Fox2Now that their children came home from school crying because of Hahn's absence. They also told the news station that Hahn's substitute isn't a certified teacher and have threatened to pull their students from the school unless Hahn is reinstated.

The teacher has a hearing March 4.