Couple robbed while kissing on South Beach

Suspects took victims' cell phones, credit cards and pants


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A couple enjoying a romantic moment on Miami Beach say they were robbed of their cell phones, credit cards and pants.

The incident occurred early Monday morning when married couple Nimalan Vipulananda and Nilusha Gukathasan were kissing near a life guard stand on South Beach.

The couple visiting South Florida from Buffalo said that during their intimate moment, two suspects approached them and demanded the man hand over his cell phone, wallet and to take off his pants.

After obeying the demands, Vipulananda asked if he could have his pants back. At that point, Vipulananda said he saw a second suspect and heard what he thought sounded like the cocking back of a hammer of a gun.

According to the police report, the first suspect then told the couple, "Pull back, we are backing."

Neither Vipulananda or Gukathasan said they witnessed an actual gun.

After taking all the objects from the victims, the two male suspects and a third female suspect left the scene.

Police searched for the suspects, but were unable to find them.

The victims said the male suspects were both shirtless and were wearing only shorts.