Missionaries' medicine for poor in Nicaragua stolen from Kendall hotel parking lot

Tanya Amador, Nelson Amador checking into hotel room when car full of supplies burglarized

KENDALL, Fla. – The chief executive officer of a Washington state-based missionary group that provides supplies to the poor in Nicaragua was traveling to the Central American country empty-handed Friday after the medicine she was taking there was stolen from her rental car outside a Kendall hotel.

Tanya Amador and Nelson Amador were checking in at the Comfort Suites, 3901 SW 117th Ave., on Thursday when their car was burglarized.

"Someone had bashed in the window and taken all of our stuff," Tanya Amador said.

But it wasn't just their valuables that were stolen. The couple was in Miami to collect medicine for the poor villages they help in Nicaragua.

"In places like Nicaragua, you know, people die from simple infections," Tanya Amador said.

Through their organization, Corner of Love, Nelson Amador said they reach about 30,000 people a year. Many of the families they help live on less than $1 a day.

The Amadors said they weren't away for more than 10 minutes when the theft occurred.

Hotel staff referred them to a sign next to where the car was parked that reads, "Hotel parking user assumes all risk."

"But we weren't leaving the car overnight," Tanya Amador said. "We weren't leaving it for a few hours. We were just checking in to get our key."

Nelson Amador said it's "devastating to realize that more than 5,000, 10,000 people are going to be without medicine in the next six months."

Because they are missionaries, the Amadors don't have much insurance, so most of the cost to replace the medicine will come out of their pockets.

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