Precautionary swimming advisory issued for Oleta River


MIAMI – A precautionary swimming advisory was issued Sunday for the beach area in the Oleta River State Park from the eastern shore of Biscayne Bay to Biscayne Boulevard.

Officials said due to rainfall Saturday, about 5 million gallons of partially treated waste was released into surrounding wetlands, including between Haulover Inlet and the south end of Dumbfoundling Bay, inclusive of Maul Lake, Sand Spur Island, the Oleta River, Oleta River State Park and Biscayne Bay waters inside Haulover Inlet.

The Florida Department of Health and the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources are testing the affected waters. The advisory will remain in effect until the test results are clear.

Officials are cautioning the public to refrain from swimming and interacting in any recreational activities within the affected areas.