Steven Sotloff's parents speak to Local 10

Family hopes to raise awareness for 2 Lives Foundation

HIALEAH, Fla. – For the first time since their son's death, Steven Sotloff's parents are sharing their pain.

"Steven and I had a very special relationship. We thought alike, we spoke alike, we look alike. We were like one person," said his father, Art Sotloff.

Steven, a journalist from South Florida, worked as a foreign correspondent and had traveled to the Middle East many times. His parents worried but knew that their son wanted to make a difference.

"He chose his career, and I accepted that," Art Sotloff said.

Steven was kidnapped by ISIS militants in Syria in 2013. He was killed by those militants last September.

"Obviously our world has been completely turned upside down," Art Sotloff said.

Just this week, authorities identified the man who they believe responsible for Steven's death: "Jihadi John," whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi, and who traveled to Syria from London.

The Sotloffs said they are ready for Emwazi to be brought to justice.

"I'm just sorry that he had to give his life for the truth," Art Sotloff said of his son.

In the wake of their son's death, his parents are trying to keep his memory alive by starting the '2 Lives Foundation' in his honor. The foundation helps journalists and their families, a cause Art Sotloff says means a great deal.

"We just want to make sure that nobody forgets my son and his contributions he has given to the world," said Art Sotloff.

Five athletes ran the Miami BattleFrog Race on Saturday to bring awareness to the Sotloffs' foundation.

"I kept thinking of Steven," said Frank Urrutia, a close family friend who put together the group to run the nearly 10-mile course in Steven's honor.

"I just kept thinking I have to finish, I have to get to that end."

The BattleFrog Race was organized by a group of Navy Seals who also honored Steven over the weekend.

As they continue to mourn their loss, Steven's loved ones work to hold on to what his legacy will mean for years to come. Art Sotloff said he hopes that his son's work has really just begun.

"I think he's really changed a lot of people's lives," Art Sotloff said. "Obviously he's changed ours."

To donate to the '2 Lives Foundation,' click here.