Shapiro exchange with Nebraska reporter

Shapiro: I responded to Christina and I really don't want to be on camera.

Robynn: We wanted to know, why don't you just give the money back?

Shapiro: Well, you know, as I explained in my email, and again I don't want to be on camera for this, I really don't want to release my image.

Robynn: We do have a camera crew. We are filming.

Shapiro: As I explained, whatever, um, customers -- and I don't know which customers we have -- they haven't responded yet. Anyone who comes forward and says, 'Hey, we didn't receive a portion of this,' we'll take care of it.

Robynn: Well there are complaints with the Better Business Bureau. You have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau. You've had complaints filed with the Florida attorney general. And you came here a year ago and they're still unresolved. When are you going to pay these people back?

Shapiro: Well, it's a matter of getting them whatever materials they're still waiting on, and once we clear up, you know, what customers are waiting for them, we'll do it.

Robynn: How long does it take to get photos back to somebody after you've shot their wedding?

Shapiro: Everyone has gotten their photos back. It's just a couple of people who are still waiting, from my understanding, on a photo album or something to that effect. And I gave our information. I gave (my) contact information to Christina via email, uh, about two weeks ago. We haven't heard anything yet, so…

Robynn: So you're saying you're going to straighten this out. You're all good?

Shapiro: Absolutely.

Robynn: And are you going to give the money back to some people who are demanding refunds?

Shapiro: Well, we can't give money back for something like that, but if they're waiting on a photo album, we'll make good on that. We'll complete those.

Robynn: Why can't you give the money back?

Shapiro: Well, our company is out of business for quite a while now and, uh, you know, I'm not in a position to do that. The work has been completed. You know, we went and shot their -- shot their photos. They got their photos. Everyone has gotten their photos, and it's just a matter of clearing up a handful of albums that people are waiting for apparently.

Robynn: Now some folks are waiting for a wedding album. Some folks are waiting for Blu-ray discs, and it's been over a year. You moved here to Nebraska, leaving Miami about a year ago. So, I guess, how long does it take?

Shapiro: Well, again, we have to wait until we clear up who's waiting for what. Once we know that, again, I gave that information to Christina, uh, I haven't heard anything yet. I gave her an email address and say, 'Hey, any of the customers who've contacted you, have them email us here, let us know what we're waiting for and we'll do it.'