Attorney general's office warns of imposter scam

Caller threatens to arrest victims, take legal action


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. On Tuesday, a 'Call Christina' segment alerted Local 10 News viewers to the rise of imposter scams, and now the Florida attorney general's office is reporting that someone is impersonating their employees in an effort to steal the public's money.

According to a news release, last month the Attorney General's Office received more than 20 complaints of people impersonating her office and other legal authorities. Those who issued the complaints said the imposter threatened to arrest the individuals or take legal action if they did not wire money or provide a prepaid debit card.

Victims said the caller uses the name Chris Douglas and claims he is with the Loss Prevention Unit or Loss Refund Division.

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The Attorney General's Office also reported receiving complaints from people who had received fraudulent calls from "officials", stating the office had settled a case and they would receive a refund.

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