Voters elect officials in 8 cities in Broward County

Broward County municipal elections voter turnout: 10 percent


Miramar's new Mayor Wayne M. Messam and Plantation Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic celebrated victories late Tuesday night.

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March 10 Election

Most expected Mayor Lori Moseley to get re-elected, but Messam surprised most in Miramar. The former Miramar commissioner has been beating the odds for years. His Jamaican dad, Hubert Messam, worked in the sugar cane fields of the Glades. Messam himself played football for Florida State University.

Polls for elections in eight cities in Broward County, including Miramar and Plantation, closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday. About 9:15 p.m., all of the 122 precincts had submitted their reports. According to early results from the Broward County supervisor of elections, voter turnout was at 10 percent -- meaning that out of 232,188 registered voters only 23,216 voted.


Aside from the mayoral election, there were also two open commission seats.

For Seat 1,  Maxwell "Max" Chambers beat six other candidates. The other candidates were Clarence Adams, Alejandro Casas, Dennis Hinds, John Murphy, and Norman Hemming -- who was following Chambers closely.

Darline B. Riggs won Seat 4 against Catherine A. Minnis and Magaly Prezeau, according to early results.

Commissioners Alexandra P. Davis, who was elected in 2010, and Messam, who was elected in 2011, campaigned to replace longtime incumbent Lori Moseley. Messam had the majority of the votes, according to early election results.


The mayoral election in Plantation was close. Incumbent Diane Veltri Bendekovic  and Councilman Jerry Fadgen were only points apart. But the mayor kept her seat, according to early results.

Five candidates ran for Fadgen's city council seat. The race between Rico Petrocelli and Peter S. Tingom was close, but according to early results, Tingom had the majority.


Businessman David Tabb was challenging District II Commissioner Dean Trantalis, but failed. Trantalis got 80 percent of the votes, according to early results.


James Moore, an insurance agent, was hoping to unseat District 1 Councilman             Bryan Caletka, who was elected in 2006, but did not succeed. The 37-year-old high school teacher beat him with 60 percent of the votes, according to early results.


Ron Coddington was challenging District 1 Commissioner Joe Miller, who kept his job with nearly 60 percent of the votes, according to early results.

Gloria Battle was challenging District 2 Commissioner Ben Preston, and beat him with 60 percent of the votes, according to early results. 


There was one open city commission seat, and Joshua David Rydell won against Steve Thomas Harrison, according to early results. Rydell, 33, is an attorney from Nova Southeastern University, who doesn't have political experience.


Six candidates were running for three commission seats. Deb Tarrant, Victoria G. Feaman and Carmen Racine McGarry won the close race, according to early results.


Tom Hasis, a former commissioner, wanted to unseat Commissioner Michael Long, but did not succeed. Long had 70 percent of the votes, according to early results.

Jason Joffe was challenging Susie Gordon and Dominic Romano for city commission Seat 2.  He was elected with about 62 percent of the votes, according to early election results.

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