Miami teacher admits to abuse, wanted to see girl cry, police say

Frederick Mena, 25, accused of aggravated child abuse

MIAMI – Police have released new details regarding an elementary school teacher accused of aggravated abuse of a child.

According to the arrest report, Frederick Mena, 25, was working as a kindergarten teacher at Silver Bluff Elementary School when he dug his nails into a student's hand and left calf.

Police said Mena admitted to doing this to the girl March 5 because he was frustrated that he was trying to help her learn her numbers and she wasn't getting the answers correct.

Police said Mena claimed the girl was growing frustrated and began whining. He said he then became upset and dug his nails into her skin.

According to police, Mena said he had an urge for wanting to see the victim cry, wanted to take advantage of her while she was at a low point and said he felt no remorse after digging his nails into her skin.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools released a statement last week after Mena's arrest:

"Once these disturbing allegations came to light, the school district took immediate action and removed the teacher from the classroom. Mr. Mena is no longer employed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and will be prohibited from working for the district in the future. We will provide the child and the child's family with all the necessary resources moving forward."

Mena's bond was set at $10,000. Family members spoke in court during his hearing, claiming that Mena is a church-going man. They also said Mena has been suffering from emotional problems lately and is on medication.

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