Man accused of stalking women in Sunrise

Police say James Seeburger, 37, followed women for 20 minutes because he thought 1 of them was 'cute'

SUNRISE, Fla. – A 37-year-old man is facing stalking and possession of marijuana charges after he followed two women who were on their way to a mall in Sunrise on Sunday, police said.

According to the arrest report, Jason Seeburger pulled up alongside one of the victims outside her home while she waited for her friend to pick her up.

The victim told police that Seeburger rolled down his window and waved at her. She said he continued staring at her for about five minutes until her friend arrived.

Police said Seeburger followed the victims on Sunrise Boulevard before they pulled over into a Best Buy parking lot to see if he would follow them. The women told police that Seeburger entered the parking lot through another entrance and rolled down his window, attempting to talk to them.

The women, who felt they were in danger, then drove to the Sunrise Police Department, where Seeburger followed them, police said.

An officer pulled Seeburger over nearby, and he admitted to following the women because he thought one of them was cute, police said.

According to the arrest report, three grams of marijuana were found in Seeburger's possession, as well as a grinder.

Police said Seeburger acknowledged that he "could see why the victims would have felt threatened" and said, looking back, "It wasn't a good idea."

Seeburger was taken into custody and charged with stalking, possession of marijuana/drug paraphernalia and crimes against a law enforcement officer.

Police said Seeburger threatened an officer while being taken to jail, stating, "I can't wait until I get out of jail. I'll be waiting with my AR15. I'm going to (expletive) you up."

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