Officials seek to close loophole in naked neighbor case

Man stands nude at front door, is visible to neighbors

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Officials in North Carolina want to close a loophole in state law that allows a man to stand naked at his front door.

State law says nudity in a place where the public has access is illegal, but it is not illegal to be naked in a private residence – therefore, the man has not been charged with anything, even though, police say he is annoying his neighbors, reports The Associated Press.

Homeowners say the man regularly stands naked at his front door and has been doing it for years, reports the AP.

The man says his privacy has been violated and that he never goes in public while naked, reports WBTV TV.

Officials hope to reword state nudity statutes so that it will be illegal for a person to expose himself if he can be seen from a public space, reports the AP.