Local 10's Miami Beach 100 Special

Join the festivities and celebrate the 100th birthday of Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It was a party 100 years in the making!

Miami Beach turned 100 years old and Local 10 wants to make sure you relive the celebration for years and years.

Local 10's 'Miami Beach 100,' special showcases the amazing-ness (yes, we made up the word) of what is known as the Sun & Fun Capital of the World.

Janine Stanwood and Victor Oquendo are your hosts as they take a look back at Miami Beach's incredible star-studded past and what's in store for its future.

Plus, forget Bond, Pacino and Sinatra, we'll show you why Miami Beach was the real star of the silver screen in some of Hollywood's biggest movies and television shows.

It's 'Miami Beach 100' and we promise, you're not going to want to miss it!


Executive Producer: JEFF TAVSS

Chief Photographer & Editor: WILLIAM DAMAS


Post-Production Editors: EDDY ALVAREZ & HUNTER FRANQUI

Special thanks to: Aristotle Ares, Rick Baugher Jr., Katelyn Gimbel, Ana Lanzas, Richard Towers & Carefree Lifestyle Luxury Rentals