Woman says ex-girlfriend, new boyfriend attacked her for money

Couple arrested after former romantic interest accuses them of attack

Katherine Lamas, left, Stevie Acao, right.
Katherine Lamas, left, Stevie Acao, right.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood Detective Margaret Smires dealt with a love triangle gone terribly wrong over money this week.

An unidentified victim reported that her ex-girlfriend Katherine Lamas, 20, kidnapped her, beat her and robbed her with the help of a man, who was later identified as Stevie Acao, 30, who has a criminal history.

Lamas was arrested Wednesday. Miami-Dade County Police Detective Ishak Riaz told Smires that Acao was in custody for an unrelated incident. He later confessed, but "gave varying accounts of the story," Smires said.

The alleged attack happened four days after Christmas. The victim said Tuesday that it all started when Lamas asked her to come to her house because she needed money.

After an argument, she said she left running. Lamas and Acao caught up to her on Hollywood Boulevard, she said. Lamas was driving a red Toyota Camry, when Acao got off and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into the car.

Once inside, "Lamas grabbed her by the hair and both suspects began punching her with closed fists," the police report said. The victim said they continued to hit her and ask her, "Where is the money?"

She told police that Acao found $50 to $60 that she was hiding in her bra and took her cell phone.  She would later identify him on Facebook and learn that she was Lamas' boyfriend.

Lamas and Acao were charged with robbery and kidnapping.

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