'Success Kid' dad needs kidney

Justin Griner is father of boy who became popular Internet meme


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A boy who became famous as the popular "Success Kid" Internet meme is now hoping for a medical success for his father.

Sammy Griner, who is now 8, became an Internet sensation at 11 months old when his mother posted a picture of him at the beach shaking a fist full of sand. The picture became a hit and was used as various memes until finally evolving into 'Success Kid.'

According to ABC News, the Griners became so popular, they were invited to Comic-Con conventions for Internet celebrities.

But now the Griners are focusing their attention on Sammy's father, Justin, who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

For six years, Griner, 29, has been going to dialysis three days a week for four hours a day.

With Medicare covering just 80-percent of the post-surgery costs, the Griners have launched a GoFundMe site to help with the funds needed to get Justin through the first-year expenses which could top $12,000 for just drugs alone.

The site has already raised over $42,000 of the Griner's $75,000 goal.