Abandoned Maltese dogs put up for adoption in Miami

Dogs left piled on each other inside crates outside Humane Society of Greater Miami

(Courtesy: Humane Society of Greater Miami)

MIAMI – Ten days after 16 Maltese-mix dogs, covered in filth, were abandoned outside the Humane Society of Greater Miami, some of them are ready for adoption.

Staff have been working non-stop to nurse them back to health, and said they received tons of calls from people hoping to adopt the dogs.

"We have received an overwhelming response from the community," said Laurie Hoffman, executive director of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. "People were calling us from all over South Florida, making monetary and in-kind donations, and filling out applications to offer their home and their love to these poor little dogs in need."

Hoffman said some of the dogs had feces matted into their fur when they were dropped off. Others were discolored from urine and filth.

Hoffman said the dogs, dubbed "The Sweet 16," were initially skittish, but have warmed up to staff after they were groomed and received the medical attention they needed.

"It was heartwarming seeing these poor little dogs get more comfortable and trusting of our staff day by day and seeing their affectionate and loving personalities emerge," said Hoffman.

The remainder of the dogs are expected to be put up for adoption within the next week.

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