Broward County commissioners vote on new requirements for Uber, Lyft drivers

Decision deferred to April 21


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County commissioners have deferred their final vote on an ordinance that may determine whether companies like Uber and Lyft will continue operating in the county to April 21.

Last week, commissioners agreed to a proposal that would require transportation network companies (TNCs) to have an operating license. Under the ordinance, the drivers would also have to register with the county, carry operating permits in their vehicles and undergo regular inspections like taxi companies already do.

If the ordinance is passed, drivers would undergo more thorough background checks, that would include local, statewide and national criminal records. Broward County currently only conducts statewide checks every two years. Drivers would be responsible for paying for the costs of the additional checks.

County commissioners would also develop a checklist including the requirements each car used by for-hire drivers must meet. It would cover both mechanical and aesthetic inspections.

The proposal also calls for TNCs to maintain a local office in the county, have a customer service phone number and a website.

TNCs are currently regulated under the county's motor carriers ordinance.

Uber drivers are expected to protest against the ordinance.

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