Mom: Baby monitor hacked, voices heard

Families encouraged to use strong passwords to avoid invasion of privacy


LACEY, Wash. – The only sound we want to hear coming from a baby monitor is the gentle cooing of a child or, if we're lucky, the soft breaths of a slumbering tot.

Unfortunately, for one mother, the sounds she heard from her monitor were both shocking and frightening.

According to KIRO-TV, the Washington mom says she heard voices coming from her son's monitor over the weekend.

The mom, whose name is being kept private for safety reasons, says her son had always told her that the "telephone" kept telling him to stay in bed. So when she heard the voices for herself, the mom assumed they were coming from outside.

But when she walked into the room, she saw the monitor's camera move and heard another woman say, "Oh, watch this one, she's coming in again."

It's assumed that the monitor was hacked.

The report doesn't say if there are any leads to who may have done the hacking, but it did point out that users of such electronic equipment are always encouraged to use a strong password to prevent such invasions of privacy from occurring.