1 arrested in Miami-Dade parking theft sting

Jose Valladares, 24, charged with grand theft

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – One person was arrested and several others were suspended after an investigation found that employees of Miami-Dade County's Parking Management Office were stealing money, the Office of the Inspector General reports.

According to a news release, the Office of the Inspector General and the Miami-Dade Police Department began investigating the employees after a man claimed that his check for monthly parking hadn't been cashed for three months.

Officials said a visit to the office showed that "deposits were not being made on a timely basis; cash and checks were found stashed in drawers throughout the office; and significant sums of money were missing."

Officials said Jose Valladares, 24, an account clerk at the office, admitted that he stole between $4,000 and $5,000 in cash from the Parking Management Office.

A search of his home revealed Miami-Dade County receipts that detailed the amount of money he had taken, which was $6,088, officials said.

About $1,300 in cash was confiscated from Valladares' home.

Valladares was arrested Tuesday and charged with grand theft. He has since bonded out of jail.

Authorities said more arrests are expected as the investigation continues. They said the money that Valladares allegedly stole accounts for only a fraction of the missing money.

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