Top 10 ways teens hide alcohol consumption

Students' breath is not always an effective way to tell if there has been drinking

OLD TRICK: Some students soak gummy bears in vodka for a few hours and then put them in the fridge until they gain back their consistency to put them back in the original container.

MIAMI – The top 10 schools with the most alcohol related incident reports in South Florida were high schools and the majority were in Broward County, Florida Department of Education records show. 

Underage drinking is a leading public health problem in this country, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found that about 40 percent of high school students had drank some amount of alcohol.

There are many ways for teens to hide consumption. Numerous guides on YouTube and other sites tell students how to drink alcohol during class. Addiction experts at rehabilitation centers in South Florida share a few of the tricks parents should watch out for:

1. SPIKE YOUR JUICE KIT: The $12.95 Kit to make a fizzy alcoholic drink out of fruit juice is sold online. It has six packets, six bottle labels, 1 airlock, 1 rubber stopper, a set of instructions and works for six 64 ox bottles.

2. THE WHIPAHOL: It's an alcohol infused whipped cream that comes in different flavors. Chocolate almond, white chocolate raspberry and coffee are some of them. It can be purchased online through various vendors.

3. SMOKING ALCOHOL: A bike pump can help a kid create a vaporizing kit. Alcohol is poured into a bottle with a cork. The bicycle pump needle is placed through the cork. The air vaporizes the alcohol, so then a teen can inhale it. The how to guides with other methods are all over the web.

4. VODKA TAMPONS: The tampons are soaked into hard liquor and then placed into the vagina or rectum. There won't be a wisp of alcohol in the kids' breath.

5. EYEBALLLING: At the risk of damaging tissue and having to endure pain, some teens pour alcohol on their eye. The trend is not as popular as it was a few years ago, but kids report it is still common.

6. PALCOHOL: The powdered alcoholic drink mix works like Kool Aid in that its meant to be mixed with water. Despite it being painful, some kids are inhaling it. There are guides all over the web on how to make it from scratch.

7. INFUSED FRUIT:  Watermelon wedges are often used to hide Tequila. The watermelon wedges soak up alcohol in 15 to 20 minutes and can be frozen or placed in plastic bags.


-Scientists know that alcohol problems are tied to lower grades, poor attendance and increases in dropout rates.

- Alcohol damages areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory, verbal skills and visual-spatial cognitio

Source: Ensuring Solutions To Alcohol Problems

8. GATORADE AND POWERADE: Kids divide the one pound bag of skittles into different colors. The proportion is about  60 skittles and 6 ounces of vodka. The kids place the skittles and the vodka in separate bottles. They then  shake them and separate them with a coffee filter. Kids are hiding the content in Gatorade or Powerade bottles.

9. VODKA INFUSED CANDY: The trick works with gummy worms, bears and other similar candy. First the candy is placed in a glass bowl or a glass jar. Then the vodka is poured over the candy. The bowl is covered and placed in the refrigerator or a cool place for about two to three days. The trick is to look for the size of the candy. The vodka infused candy is bigger.

10. BOOZY POPSICLE: The gummy bear candies can also be hidden in a Popsicle. Beersicles are usually made with Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat Beer, a half a cup of cherries, honey and ice cubes. The ingredients are blended together and left in the freezer overnight.