Chinese theme park ride simulates cremation

Casket heated to 105 degrees

Tired of the same old roller coaster experience at your local theme park? This ride in China will really burn you up.

Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death at The Window of the World theme park is meant to simulate death, cremation and being reborn, according to a post.

The ride begins in a "morgue" before riders are placed in a casket and carried on a conveyor belt to be "cremated," which is simulated by a blast of hot air that reaches temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The experience is meant to be "an authentic experience of burning."

Finally, riders crawl up to an image of a womb and emerge in a white, padded room, the UPI story said.

The Window of the World's attractions are based on world tourism destinations, with replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and even South Dakota's Mount Rushmore.