Rescued white lion cubs find home at Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Cubs rescued from African breeding lodge

MIAMI – A pair of white lion cubs that were rescued in South Africa have found a home at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami.

From monkeys, to camels, and even ti-liger hybrids, The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an intimate place for rescued wildlife, tucked away on five acres boarding homestead.

The owners' newest additions are the not-so-little white lion cubs. Kunto and Kahina were rescued from an African breeding lodge where they would have eventually been sold to canned hunters.

But now, they will live in South Florida at the zoo along with other rare and endangered animals. They will be cared for by the staff who consider this a labor of love.

"This is what we love. This is our life," Zoological Wildlife Foundation co-owner Maria Tubraue said.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation has been around for 16 years, but thanks to social media and notoriety from sights like trip advisor, it has become one of the most popular places to visit in the country.

"The vision was the passion and the love and dedication that we have - to share it with everyone, for everyone in the world to see," Maria Tubraue said.

Maria and Mario Tubraue both live and work at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Their goal is to expand the property to have a safari-style portion with even more rare species.

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