ADT warns homeowners about security scammers

Scammers claim they are taking over ADT, can lower consumer's bill

MIAMI – ADT is warning homeowners about companies that are scamming consumers throughout the United States, including South Florida.

An ADT representative said the scammers tell homeowners that ADT is "going out of business" and their company is taking over or "I am here to upgrade your equipment."

In a recent case, a Miami couple said someone called them last month claiming to work for ADT, and said they wanted to install a new alarm system and promised to save the couple money on their monthly bill.

"They were going to give us a free update to our equipment," Elizabeth Brawn said.

The couple said they became suspicious after they were asked a series of odd questions.

"They said, 'Tell me what kind of equipment you have in your house,' and my husband said, 'If you're from ADT you should know all this,'" Brawn said.

Brawn declined the upgrade, but received three more persistent calls followed by a mysterious man showing up on her doorstep the next day.

"I knew then something wasn't right," Brawn said. "He didn't have any equipment with him. He just had a clipboard with a name and address on it."

Brawn didn't let the man inside.

"Last year, ADT launched several progressive tactics to combat competitor fraud, including a reward program. The result was significant national awareness about home security swindlers who prey on unsuspecting consumers," said ADT general counsel David Bleisch. "By fine-tuning the program this year, we can now offer the reward to a wider audience to help stop the fraud plaguing our industry."

Until Aug. 31, ADT's reward program offers up to $5,000 for "lawfully obtained information showing how alarm companies are training employees to engage in deceptive sales practices."

Click here for information about ADT's new reward program.

ADT has filed numerous lawsuits against companies that have allegedly made false or misleading statements while selling home alarm services.

Last year, ADT received a $2 million settlement from a Tennessee company.

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