International graduate student killed in Little Havana, reports say

Witnesses say Sciharia Aila Sai Kiran, 22, was shot while talking on cellphone outside apartment

MIAMI – Miami police detectives returned to an apartment complex in Little Havana on Monday to gather more evidence in the death of a 22-year-old graduate student from India.

Indian media outlets reported that Sciharia Aila Sai Kiran was shot dead outside the Miramar Apartments on Southwest 6th Street.

Witnesses said Kiran was shot early Sunday morning while talking on his cellphone outside his apartment.

Police have not confirmed a motive at this time.

"Unbelievable, especially because those people are so nice. You know, they just came to study," Kiran's neighbor Frank Bayona said.

Residents at the building said they were stunned to see this happen on their relatively quiet street.

"We've never had any problems, (and) we've been here for a year," Tony Tonioli said.

Kiran was a student at Atlantis University in Miami. According to reports, he had just begun his master's degree there.

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