Family threatened over Batman Father's Day pictures

Some angry that photo shoot took place on railroad tracks

(Thiele Photographer / Roxanne Daly)

HARTFORD, Wisc. – A family that took part in a Batman-themed photo shoot may now need the superhero to protect them.

With Mike Daly being such a big fan of the caped crusader, his wife Roxanne surprised him with a Father's Day photo shoot with Mike dressed as the Dark Night and their son Finn as his sidekick Robin.

The dynamic duo was photographed "saving" Roxanne from being tied down on the railroad tracks.

The Dalys posted the pictures online where they became instant viral sensations. Roxanne told CBS 58 that the pics received about 200,000 likes in just one night.

It was soon after that some people started to express their anger with the photos, saying the Daly's were promoting illegal behavior by posing on the railroad tracks.

Others criticized the Dalys for putting their baby in harms way.

One person posted online, "Stay off the damn tracks you ignorant fool," while another condemned their actions by saying it was "dangerous, illegal and encourages others to make similar, unsafe choices."

The Daly's said the family started to receive threats.

"Some people posted our address online, making threats that they would come in the middle of the night," Mike Daly told CNN.

Wisconsin law states that only railroad workers can walk along the train tracks.

The Dalys say there were unaware of the law and they have made police aware of the threats.